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It’s about communicating contextually. That’s what it’s about.
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Keeping it simple by supporting predominantly the most in demand language pair,  English & Español .
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A skilled interpreter can easily keep up with an expert from any field as long as the presentation is for the benefit of the audience. However; when the presenter is inexperienced, nervous or when the object is entertainment rather than education, the speaker's pace can become so accelerated that keeping-up can become difficult for even a top-notch interpreter. Reading a prepared speech may also prove challenging.

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It looks easy, it flows so naturally... YES, when you have prepared and have helped your language service provider to ANTICIPATE TERMINOLOGY. Each assignment requires PREPARATION and it begins with a review of your program and history. Our understanding of your mission and vision is essential for a successful event. Your keynote address and subject matter will guide the production of glossaries by the interpreters.

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The interpreter's voice to the limited language proficiency participant is wireless. Whether received via Zoom , FM broadband or cell phone app, is determined upon review of your program and  your objective. Care to guard the tone, inflection, tempo, texture and overall quality of the interpreter's' rendition is taken for the recipient's comfort. It is imperative that the recipient be comfortable with the sound quality and have control over the volume.

Simultaneous interpretation, integrates technology and the human element of language as influenced by culture, space and time. Contrary to what you find on-line with AI, language interpretation is far from robotic. At its best, interpretation becomes a rendition as it is undeniably artistic.

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I am Maria Monserrat, the founder of Beyond Bilingual.

Beyond, as I like to call it, is a language service that provides real-time interpretation primarily for one language pairing - English & Español.

I have provided and coordinated language services for many environments, at times within the legal system, and often during international political assemblies. But I find, that the most common need is often within the community in the form of trainings and celebrations. It is there, where I do my best work.

I find it fascinating to take the spoken message, descramble it and reassemble it in another language. And although I have worked with other language pairings and can provide them, I prefer to keep it simple and keep it to English & Español. Yes, it's E & E for me, easy and enjoyable!

The idea that perception and understanding rest on word choice is something I find fascinating and take quite seriously.

One size does not fit all. Preparation is key. As President Lincoln said: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Your mission and vision are unique so let's spend some time understanding both. Knowing  them guides my mission: to support you and to allow your purpose to be elevated.

Master Interpreter Maria Monserrat
it's been said...

"Each culture develops a language that covers its own needs. The culture of each community requires it.
Each language is adequate for its culture. The culture of the southwest of the United States, for example, creates the language of that region."

Marie Esman Barker

''Worry about words, Bobby. Your grandmother is right. For, whatever else you may do, you will be using words always. All day, and every day, words matter. Though you live in a barrel and speak to nobody but yourself, words matter. For words are the tools of thought..."

A. P. Herbert